This embargo applies to all Oceania Orienteering Championships 2025 events. Anyone found breaking this embargo or intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from competing or coaching at the relevant event. Please read the official embargo notice for full details.

Who are embargoes for?

Everyone intending to enter Oceania 2025 needs to be aware of the embargoes in place for the event. Embargoes are areas that are out of bounds to competitors prior to the events, and cover the areas being used in the competition. This prevents unfair prior knowledge being gained about the terrain and map features, and helps ensure a level playing field for the competition.

Overview of competition areas

The approximate locations of the Oceania 2025 competition areas are shown here. Please see below for specific embargoes.

Map showing competition areas in Santoft Forest and Palmerston North within the lower North Island of New Zealand.

Sprint – Massey University Palmerston North

Access to the embargoed Sprint area shown here in orange is permitted until January 23rd 2025. However, the use of maps, and route choice testing during the term of the embargo is not allowed.

  • Access to the Sprint area is forbidden for all competitors and associates from 5:00am on the day of the competition until the competition is over. This includes both the Start and Finish areas.
  • All competitors must use only the routes specified by the organisers to reach the Event Arena.
  • Competitors are not allowed to re-enter the Sprint area after they have finished their race and before the last competitor has finished their race.
Map showing the embargoed area of Massey University campus in Palmerston North.

Middle, Long and Relay – Santoft Forest

The Middle Distance, Long Distance and Relay race competition areas shown here in orange are embargoed.

  • Any attempt to physically survey, train or attend any navigational sporting activity that may take place within the embargoed areas (such as rogaining, adventure racing or Mountain biking) is forbidden.
  • Having crossed the finish line, a competitor must not re-enter the competition terrain without the permission of the SEA.
  • All competitors must use only the routes specified by the organisers to reach the Event Arena.
Map showing the embargoed area of Santoft Forest.